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Bodgers' Exhibition Hall


Welcome, Maker, to the Bodger’s Grande Exhibition, a Steampunk Makers' Fair. Bodger’s Grand Exhibition is open attendees of the Brass Screw Confederacy. The theme for the 2017 festival is Pirates! Arrrrr!

Submissions (both prize eligible and display only) must be pre-registered by completing the information required to allow organizers to allocate space.

To register for the Bodger Exhibition, send us an email at Yup, it's that simple. Our amazing Bodger-in-Chief will follow up for all the details.

Please send mail to register for the Bodger Exhibition Hall - Sign me up!

Please include:
Legal name:
Bodger name:
Level: Novice | Adept
Display Space Request: 1' x 1' | 1.5' x 1.5' | or 3' x 3'

Main Exhibition Page


  • Setup Friday (June 9) 3 - 5 PM (subject to change)
  • Hall open for public viewing: Friday 5 PM and remains open until Sunday

    Location: Bodger's Central (Pope Marine Bldg. - on the pier at Madison and Water St, Port Townsend)


    1. All bodgers must register. Deadline: June 1st. Registration is free. Adult participants must hold a General Admission pass for the 2017 Brass Screw Confederacy. The organizers reserve the right to close registration if the space or number of submissions exceeds capacity.
    2. Submissions must be...
      • Original work of the submitter
      • Item cannot have won any previous Brass Screw awards
      • Safe for display and not violate any laws (i.e. no open flames, explosions, etc.
      • Fit within a 3ft by 3ft display area (please coordinate with Bodger-in-Chief if larger)
      • Cannot infringe on intellectual property
      • Participants must provide all materials for their submission, including electrical extension cords, water, etc. (display tables will be available)
      • Accompanied by a summary/description and a worklog that describes the components and work you’ve done for judges’ review. The worklog can also include:
        • The submission’s backstory or purpose
        • The submission’s function

    Setup: Your submission must be in place in Bodger Central. You will be contacted with your scheduled setup time by the hall coordinator.

    Removal: Your submission must be collected and removed by the time specified by the organizer. Olympic Peninsula Steam cannot take responsibility for material left in the space after noon (tenatively) Sunday, June 11th. Submissions not collected on time will be fed to the Grue.

    Judging: Submissions will be judged by a panel of judges based on the following criteria:

    1. Concept:
      • Does it support your narrative and story?
      • What does it do in theory?
      • Consideration also made for originality
    2. Presentation:
      • Quality of craft and construction
      • Quality of worklog (Could someone, someone like you, create it again?)
      • Does the worklog describe the problems you had to work around?
    3. Functionality:
      • Does it work – or at least do something?Does is solve a problem plaguing mankind since the beginning of time?

    Awards and Prizes

    Novice – You are new to bodgering and testing your skills. Prize: $100
    Adept – You’ve got skills and are competing for the big prize. Prize $250

    Judges reserve the right to move submissions between categories at their discretion based upon quality of submission. Additional prizes may be awarded based upon the judges’ discretion. A People’s Choice award will also be presented.

    The awesome awards ceremony will be conducted at the closing ceremony (time/location TBD)

    Waivery Stuff

    The Exhibition Hall will be staffed at all times and we'll do everything in our power to ensure the safety of your amazing thing. If something bad (like damage or disappearance) happens, you agree to hold Olympic Peninsula Steam and its volunteers harmless.

    The decisions of the judges are final. Judges and officials of Olympic Peninsula Steam reserve the right to be as whimsical, non-committal, or uncooperative as might suit their needs. We’re here to have fun, and hope you do, too. There is no cost for submission and either judges or officials of Olympic Peninsula Steam reserve the right to disqualify participants for acting in a manner incompatible with the spirit of the event, or for any other reason whatsoever. Please play nicely with others.

    By participating in the Bodger's Exhibition you are agreeing to have your image and the image of your creation used to promote Olympic Peninsula Steam and the Brass Screw Confederacy without compensation as well as to the other rules noted herein.

    Contact for clarification of any rules in question