Erudition and entertainment intermingle in a heady mix of what you want and what you need to know.  Chautauqua gatherings, according to Teddy Roosevelt, are the “most American thing in America”. No quackery here!

All of our Chautauqua presentations are held at the Key City Public Theatre, located at 419 Washington St.


Hunting Monsters with Steampunk Tech
Time: 10:00am
Presenter: Lindsay Schopfer

Steampunk and Fantasy author Lindsay Schopfer goes through the finer points of beast hunting and monster slaying. Learn how to analyze an unfamiliar beast’s anatomy for weaknesses, chose the right tool for the job, and claim your bounty for a job well done.

Airships: what was and could have been
Time: 11:00am
Presenter: J.R Boyett

The History of Creating Ghosts on Stage
Presenter: Professor DR Schreiber

BRASS  – Steampunk Adventure Serial
Time: 3:00pm
Presenter: John Longenbaugh

BRASS, Battleground Production’s Steampunk adventure serial, returns to the Confederacy with the world premiere of their new short film, “BRASS Bolts: Dollymops and French Apaches.” In the London underworld, few criminals are more wily and dangerous than the trio of ladies known as the Watch and Chain Gang. But what happens when they choose a mark who’s a deadly criminal, then try to escape into the murky streets of Steamtown? Directed by BRASS collaborator Louis Broome and featuring first-rate fight choreography by Tim Ruzicki, “Dollymops and French Apaches” opens a new chapter of the BRASS saga. In addition to this short film, the newly remastered first film “Lair of the Red Widow” will be shown, details on the brand new Season Two of the Audio Series will be shared, and a special live reading of our next short film will be featured, along with a panel with cast members and creators!

Conjuring Show

Time: 4:00pm
Presenter: Professor DR Schreiber

Feel the sense of wonder and amazement as Professor DR Schreiber emulates the far gone era of early conjurers. In the late 18th and early 19th century, many believed that the future would hold wonderful and miraculous inventions and discoveries, many of which have yet to be. From mind control devices to time travel, anything and everything seemed possible as the world entered into the industrial revolution. Innovators such as Benjamin Franklin harnessed the power of lightning. Theories of thought transference had been proposed by Dr. Franz Mesmer. Machines in the form of automatons could perform complex and difficult computations and tasks. And bigger steam powered machines could force the land around us to adhere to our will. The innovations and discoveries of the late 18th century sparked the imagination of the public and planted the seeds for future generations of dreamers. Professor DR Schreiber’s performance once again sparks the imagination of the public with his examination of what history could have been. Just as the conjurers of the past, he explores the possibilities of what could be.


The History Files
Time: 10:00am
Presenter: Gordon Frye

EVA Foam Prop Construction
Time: 11:00am
Presenter: Tobias McCurry

Seeing Everything, or, Miss Brambleflips and the Amazing Aeroship Teatime
Time: 12:00pm
Presenters: Tepan Fyodorovich “Hezârfenzade” Ifritoğlu Yoldaş-Paşa and Dr. Celeste Tian

Tepan Fyodorovich “Hezârfenzade” Ifritoğlu Yoldaş-Paşa and Dr. Celeste Tian are the proprietors of Mahometan & Celestial LLC, founded on the 6th of Teşrin-i Evvel, AR 1276, in response to innumerable transnational unpleasantries culminating in the vandalization of Peking’s summer palaces. Equipped with nearly a half century’s aggregate experience in the fields of natural history and metropolitan geography, and firm in the conviction that the early 21st Century is the new late 19th, Mahometan & Celestial LLC scours the globe to make widely and freely available, to all interested at-risk parties, patented processes of “MODERNIFICATION ™“ guaranteed to defend against the onslaught of any missionizing civilizade.