Actually, it is all fun ‘n games!

Tea Dueling

Tea Dueling is competition for only the most civilized sorts of ladies and gentlemen, dressed in their finest. All while consuming some lovely tea and biscuits. Who could say no?
Like any proper duel, tea dueling follows a strict set of rules. This keeps things fair and fun for everyone.

A duel involves pairs of Contestants, who each choose a biscuit from the selection provided. They sit across from one another with their own cups of hot tea. At the signal each Contestant dunks their biscuits into the tea. After a count of five, the biscuit is removed and held upright, daintily in their fingers like civilized folks. The winner of the duel is the lat one to cleanly consume their biscuit, without making an unseemly mess.

Sounds easy right? Convinced you can win against anyone? Potential Contestants will need to pre-register and pay a small fee to enter the duel. More details to follow.


Tactical Croquet Tournament

“Anyone who plays this must be mad.” Come on over to Memorial Field and play the oddest game of croquet on record. Maneuver ball through a mixed-up world of obstacles and challenges. Imagine all the best portions of miniature golf, croquet, and Alice in Wonderland rolled into a leisurely afternoon pastime. Reserve as a foursome or join in with new-found friends for a game of croquet refereed by the Red Queen with the White Rabbit as timekeeper. Clockwork flamingos watch on as you make for the wickets across an obstacle course of greenery.

Tactical Croquet takes place at the Memorial Athletic Field (550 Washington St).

BSC Steampunk Nerf Wars

Put your gigglemug on and Frolic with Lord and Lady Towers,  in an all out steampunk Nerf gun battle. Bring your Nerf guns but remember for safety our judges can fire your Nerf gun at your head from 4 feet away to make sure all mates are properly protected. Must always where eye protection while engaged. Goggles on and let the Nerf Darts Fly!! Goggles on and let the Nerf Darts Fly!! *All who participate in Nerf Wars will receive a raffle ticket at a chance to win some prizes. Must be present with raffle ticket to win. Please stick around after the Nerf Battle to see if you have a winning raffle ticket.* Recommended for ages 12+ only.


Got a score to settle? Past time to show that no-good so-and-so what you’re made of? Well here’s your chance…

Enter the duelatorium where two walk in and two walk out, one with slightly less dignity. Challenges of honor, trials by combat, petty one-ups-manship settled by our highly honorable and mostly impervious to bribery judge and referee. Just $1 to test your mettle on the field, honorable or otherwise.

Saturday 1:00pm – 3:00pm Pope Marine Park

Scavenger Hunt

Join us Saturday, June 10th, at the Cotton Building downtown Port Townsend, for the great steampunk scavenger hunt! Younglings 13 and under will be led by our team of intrepid adventurers through downtown from 1-2pm on a search for engine parts, accumulating in a grand nerf gun shootout between pirates and participants.

Ahoy to all landlubbers and salty sea-dogs alike! The crew of the legendary ship “The Gallant” has been attacked just off the coast of Port Townsend, in our very waters! The pirates, in addition to plundering all the Gallant’s booty, have disabled the ship by stealing critical engine parts! If you can lend a hand to Admiral “Billy” Bones and First Mate “Daniel” in finding the stashed engine parts along the coastline, you will be rewarded for your services with treasure! But be warned: the scurvy dogs that attacked our ship will not give our engine parts back willingly!

Admission is free to BSC ticket holders and children 13 and under. Some nerf guns available on a first come first serve basis. Hunt starts promptly at 1pm. While the scavenger hunt is led by responsible chaperones, we are not responsible for lost or missing children or their safety. Parents are encouraged to accompany their offspring.

Steam Gutters Skeet Shoot

Hurry! Hurry! Step right up!

Try your skills at the most fantastical Airgun Steampunk-shootout of the revived bygone century! Tickle your fledgling senses, delight your young eyes, revel in the adrenaline driven glory that is the Steam Gutter Skeet Shoot! With a menagerie of steamy targets for your amusement and edification, no child walks away without a prize! Do you have the daredo and bravado to avoid the thieving shenanigans of the lurking pirates? Of course you do!