The Brass Screw Confederacy offers a rich array of
entertainment appropriate for adventurers of all ages. Most of the venues at the Brass Screw Confederacy are open to all ages and certain events are specific for younger adventurers. Admission is free to ticket holders, children under 13 or events that are free to the public.

We’re still arranging our 2017 itinerary, but the following are just some of the events we’ll be offering for adventurers of all ages:

    • Bazaar of the Bizarre A fine
      array of extraordinary artisans, craftsfolk, bodgers and makers (Northwest Maritime Center, 2nd floor). Free Admission. Friday – Sunday
    • Piratical Adventures
      Junior Steampunks! Only you can save the city from a marauding band of Steampunk
      pirates descending upon fair Port Townsend from both air and sea. Man
      the guns! TBD
    • Tactical Croquet Tournament
      Schedule your “tea time” at Brass Screw Registration and step on to the
      green with mallet in hand – then play 8-posts (in honor of the Octopi)
      of the strangest game of croquet on record.
      Saturday & Sunday
    • Scavenger Hunt The scavenger hunt starts at the sculpture in Pope Marine Park at 11am Sunday, and end there by 12:30 or so. Upon returning, the younglings may encounter roving pirates none-too-happy about the parts being retrieved, and a nerf gun shootout may well ensue…
    • Steam Gutters Skeet Shoot Hurry! Hurry! Step right up! Try your skills at the most fantastical Airgun Steampunk-shootout of the revived bygone century!